Apply for Guardianship

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Apply for Guardianship

When should I apply?

We recommend you apply for guradianship once you have received a school offer. The usual sequence of steps is shown below:

When to apply

To register for our guardianship services simply complete our on-line form below and then select Apply.
We will be in touch with you as soon as we have received your application.


Student details

Service required*:
Student's first name*:
Name they would like to be known by:
Family name*:
Home address*:
Email address:
Home landline phone number:
Mobile phone number:

Parent contact details

Main contact

Relationship to student*:


Email address*:
Mobile phone number:

Alternative contact

Relationship to student:


Email address:
Mobile phone number:

Agent contact details

Email address:
Mobile phone number:

Student information

Name of present school:
Name of school they will be joining:
Year group:
Boarding or day student:
Date of birth*:
Place of birth:
Passport number:
Passport expiry date:
Visa number:
Any medical conditions or disabilities:
Any allergies:
Any dietary requirements:
Hobbies and pastimes:
Email address:
Mobile phone number:
Any other comments:


 I consent to the student being provided with medication sold over the counter from a chemist for a minor ailment.
 I consent to the student travelling both by public transport and in a fully insured and licensed car driven by a qualified adult driver.
 I consent to the student participating in theme park, swimming and water sports activities if supervised by a responsible adult.
 We have read and agree to the terms and conditions and accept the contents of the document together with the contents of the student care plan and all other policies and documents referred to in the terms and conditions document.
 We will pay the fees in full on receipt of an invoice.

Please click here to read our terms and conditions.